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Sol-Up was proudly founded six years ago in Las Vegas by Frank Rieger. It was with pure enthusiasm that Mr. Rieger came to the Las Vegas area to start this company from his homeland of Germany. He saw the potential for solar power in this area and created Sol-Up.

Sol-Up distinguishes itself from other solar power companies because it offers more than simple installations. Sol-Up is the only company in the area to have a showroom where potential clients can come and see solar panels and technologies up close and learn about their potential benefits.

Additionally, Sol-Up partners itself only with the best companies in the field for supplies. This means that when you have Sol-Up install your solar panels you are getting all of the latest technologies and hardware. Sol-Up firmly believes that their partners must exceed all of the industry standards so that Sol-Up customers only receive the best.

Sol-Up is committed to making Las Vegas the solar power capital of the world. They envision the city of lights being run off of clean solar energy. This would be a magnificent example to all other areas of the world.

Solar power is by far the safest and most environmentally friendly power generation in the world. Solar power does not create toxic by-products when generating power, it does not require the environment to be damaged to attain, and it does not need to be imported. Because solar power is so beneficial to people and the environment Sol-Up will continue to strive to make Las Vegas and the surrounding area a solar power generated community

Phone: 702-586-9800
Address: 4305 Dean Martin Dr, #150
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Lic. #: Nevada C-2 Lic. #75025

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Do you dread getting your power bill each month, especially in the warm months when you are using more electricity? Are you continually having to endure the heat during the summer months by not utilizing the a/c to try and keep your power bill lower? Have you considered going with solar power, but thought it would be too expensive to bother? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it is time to really understand the advantages of how transitioning to a solar system will not only help you to reduce your expenses but also increase the value of your property.

Did you know that with recent net metering changes, where the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada voted to switch to a new rate based system, this fact did not change the economics of going solar in Nevada? The new rates consist of a gradual incremental scale over the next 12 years, whereas the next increase will not be until 2019 – or three years from now, making it a perfect opportunity to take advantage of a solar system.

Many homeowners have the misconception that solar energy is expensive to obtain. The price for solar modules has lowered by more than half in the last few years. Advanced racking technology and rapidly improving installation of skills further helped to reduce costs to a level that can be paid off in just a few years. By installing a solar array, homeowners can enjoy reducing their monthly financial burden when having to pay their electric bills. Also, solar backup storage option is becoming more viable and affordable, reducing utility fees and providing energy security in case of a power outage.

A significant advantage of going solar includes a cash rebate from NV Energy in addition to the 30% federal income tax credit. You will also be creating energy independence from fossil fuels and preserving the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. One of the most current and exciting trends is integrating rooftop solar with electric vehicles (EVs). The savings potential is even greater, as well as a faster payback period. Finally, when your rooftop solar system has been paid off fully, any fueling of your EV would then be free!

Solar panels have made increased advancements productively as well as aesthetically. Sol-Up’s unique, bi-facial panel technology generates electricity from both sides, boosting system efficiency to over twenty percent! With its high-efficiency coupled with the lowest temperaturecoefficient among all solar panels, each panel is capable of producing the most energy per square foot, whether on a rooftop or on the ground. With more power available, homeowners benefit from greater electricity production for a faster return on their investment, which adds to the value of their home. In addition, Sol-Up’s panels re frameless, sleek and aesthetically pleasing so they won’t detract from the exterior beauty of your home. Plus, they are durable, low- maintenance, and generally have a guaranteed performance of 25 years or more.

To learn more about how you can significantly reduce the cost of your power bill, you may contact Sol-Up USA, LLC at 702-586-9800, or email In business since 2009, they will take care of the whole process from beginning to end as well as offer cleaning and maintenance packages. You can also visit their website at Nevada C-2 Lic.#75025

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