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About Art Con

ArtCon, Inc. began the journey as a family owned business in the year 2000. Neal and Michelle Williams started the company after investing several years in the concrete business.  Since 2000 ArtCon has grown to become one of the best known names in the Las Vegas concrete industry.

Driven by a strong work ethic and high moral values, the Williams family has led their company to raise the bar of quality expectations for concrete in the Las Vegas area. Each year ArtCon has consistently grown, because of satisfied customers referring their friends and family. Over the years there has been significant employee growth to match the increasing customer needs. The Williams family loves the employees at ArtCon. ArtCon employees value the uniqueness of this family environment.

Why decorative concrete?

There are a number of reasons to consider decorative concrete for your next project:

Durability—when properly installed, concrete is one of the most durable materials on earth. Properly maintained, decorative concrete will last for many decades.

Optimal Radiant Heating—whether in a slab-on-ground or cement-based topping, decorative concrete is ideal for use with radiant floor heating due to its excellent thermal mass properties.

Health—decorative concrete is a great alternative to carpeting for people suffering from respiratory ailments and allergies.

Cost—decorative concrete floors compare favorably with wood, ceramic, or quarry tile floors when amortized over the life of the floor. When elaborate designs and complex patterns are incorporated, concrete can save money when compared to marble or slate.

Craftsmanship—decorative concrete installed by a quality concrete craftsman offers an unlimited color palette. Every application is unique and can be customized to meet the desires of a homeowner.

If you have a concrete project and are looking for a team of quality professionals then you have come to the right place. Our team has over 45 years of combined experience in decorative concrete, pavers, and concrete repair.  Our goal is to leave you with beautifully detailed concrete work, on time, and on budget. Check out our portfolio and latest work or call now for a free quote.

Exciting news! ArtCon, Inc. was awarded the Nevada DBE/MBE certification by the State of Nevada. This means that ArtCon will now be able compete for government contracts! Congratulations and thanks for all the hard work Michelle! For more information on Nevada DBE certification, please visit the State Of Nevada website.

On behalf of all the ArtCon Team, we welcome you to our family.

Phone:  702-728-2123
Address:  3021 Sheridan, Suite 150, Las Vegas
NV Lic: #51391

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