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Interior Design & Home Decor Specializing in Fine Furnishings, Draperies, and Elegant Home Accessories.

With Award-Winning expertise, integrating architecture and design, Victoria’s Creative Designs can begin with your home at the construction phase providing you with a look of elegance that is consistent throughout your entire home.

From architectural motifs to furniture selection and placement, Victoria will advise you on all facet’s of your home’s design.

Victoria Rothermel was one of the first to attend the Designing School of Las Vegas. After graduating in 1985, Victoria continued to branch out in the world of art, as she traveled throughout Europe into countries such as Italy and Spain. Victoria was determined to learn more about the Mediterranean world and its uniqueness in quality.

For almost a decade, Victoria has worked with her team of floral designers to create the most extravagant flower arrangements imaginable. “They are my finishing package,” Victoria states, “without their professional assistance, there would be something special missing in each project.”

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Victoria Rothermel

Is Your Home Holiday–Ready?

With fall upon us, it is definitely time to start thinking about how your home will look for the upcoming holiday entertainment season! With five-plus years of deferred home maintenance from the slow economy behind us, everyone is clamoring to fix up their home for the upcoming season of entertaining with family and friends.

However, did you know that the cutoff for ordering custom furnishings to be delivered by Thanksgiving is mid-October? Additionally, the cutoff for ordering custom furnishings to be delivered by Christmas/Hanukkah is November 3rd.

These order dates are necessary for your professional interior design team to get any custom furniture, window coverings, art, and accessories selected and purchased for your upcoming events. An experienced designer will want to incorporate these new furnishings into a comprehensive design plan created just for your home. This plan may include new paint colors or carpet selection as well as other more permanent improvements to your home as indicated by you. Your interior designer can assist with booking contractors and other vendors in advance, making sure your home is a priority for updating prior to the holidays.

The hectic nature of the holiday season creates its own challenges for the design community. Your new furnishings may well be completed prior to the holidays, but it can be difficult to fit your

orders into the already frantic holiday delivery/installation schedules. Accessory selection becomes picked over from holiday shoppers and drapery/bedding workrooms can sit and wait for back-ordered fabrics again a result of, you guessed it—the holiday rush.

Don’t let this happen to you—plan ahead! Meet with your interior design professional now! Tell them your desires for a fresh look for your home in time for the upcoming holiday season. Fabulous paint colors, carpet, furnishings and more are but a design plan away. However don’t forget that your interior design professional needs time to get your home done beautifully without the stress of the holidaycrunch getting in the way.

For all of your interior design needs, you can contact Victoria Rothermel of Victoria’s Creative Designs at 702-380-6957 or view her website at  Victoria Rothermel is an Allied  member ASID and ASID President elect.

Photography by Audrey Dempsey/Infinity Photo

Victoria Rothermel

Victoria Rothermel

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