About HydroShield

HydroShield Las Vegas is a locally owned and operated company that offers eco-friendly, made in America products that protect hard surfaces in your home. Our number one focus at HydroShield Las Vegas is our customer and the community we serve. It is our mission to help our customers protect the biggest investment of their life, their home. With a wide range of products and services, we have the knowledge and capability to keep your home looking new for years to come.

HydroShield Las Vegas is owned by Juan Torres and Mark Cline.  Both Juan and Mark are successful entrepreneurs that have been owning and operating businesses in Las Vegas for years.  Quality craftsmanship and customer service has been the foundation of every business they own and operate.

Initially Juan and Mark were customers of HydroShield.  Once they experienced HydroShield firsthand and saw the difference in their own homes, they knew that they had to bring the HydroShield products and services to Las Vegas.

“Based upon my 14+ years of experience in the glass industry, when the HydroShield business opportunity came along I just knew we had to bring it to Las Vegas because of the hard water conditions that exist here”

Phone: 702-826-2119
Website: www.hydroshieldlasvegas.com


Make Your Home Easier To Clean!

Do you dread having to clean the hard surfaces in your bathroom? Does your shower have hard water spots that require excessive scrubbing or harsh chemicals to remove? How about that kitchen countertop that you are always trying to disinfect? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reduce the maintenance by 75% so you could enjoy more time doing other things.

Introducing HydroShieldeco-friendly coating. This high durable protective sealant provides a slick finish to any glass, stone, granite or porcelain surface with only one treatment. If you have recently remodeled your kitchen or bathroom, this coating will protect your investment for years to come. Just like the protective case or screen protector you would purchase for your cell phone or tablet, HydroShield provides the ultimate protection for the surfaces in your home. These sealants are hand applied by trained technicians so you can be assured of getting the most professional and consistent application possible. Because this coating prevents hard water stains on all glass surfaces and prevents bacteria from building up and multiplying, it eliminates the need to use harsh toxic cleaners making your home easier to clean.

In addition to your indoor hard surfaces, HydroShield coatings can also be applied to your outdoor surfaces as well.  Treatments can be applied to outdoor kitchen granite countertops, view windows or casita.

You can make your home easier to clean today!  For more information or to schedule an in-home demo and receive a free quote, you may call HydroShield of Las Vegas at 702-826-2119 or email john@hydroshieldlasvegas.com. You can also visit their website at www.hydroshieldlasvegas.com


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