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About Infinity Canopy

Slide on wire canopies have become a common part of modern outdoor design for their simplicity, beauty and ability to provide shade when needed and retracted easily when desired. However, they have many draw backs because they are custom made. To fit properly they require precise pre-measurement, fabric and color selection, fabrication and finally installation. Once installed the custom canopies can’t be modified and any repairs (if possible) require a trip back to the shop.

The patent pending Infinity Canopy replaces the custom canopies with an infinitely versatile, customizable and adaptable modular shade system that can be added to any structure, in any size, and in one or multiple colors. Using readily available parts and shade panels Infinity Canopy eliminates production time, simplifies installation and provides a superior product at a fraction of custom canopy’s cost.

Infinity Canopy can easily be installed on pergolas or between two opposing structures. Open it to enjoy the outdoors in full shade and retract it to enjoy open air and full view of the sky.

Infinity Canopy is the only shade system that can be modified after installation allowing new and unique designs to be created within minutes for any taste, style and need. Repairs if needed can be easily done on site with replacement parts. There is no need ever to send anything back.

Infinity Canopy is the only shade system that can cover any space regardless of how wide or long it is, without custom fabrication.

  • As long as there is over head cable or other support, Infinity Canopy can be as long and as wide as needed

  • Each loop of bellowing fabric is an individual panel that seamlessly connect to the next panel to create a canopy section at any desired length. Multiple canopy sections can be installed side by side to cover the width of the space.

  • For continuous shade individual sections can be connected end to end to create wider canopy sections

  • For very long and wide installations, the canopy can connect to 3 or more cables for additional support

 Infinity Canopy uses individual fabric panels that can be easily interchanged within minutes with panels of different color and fabric to create an infinite number of beautiful and unique designs to meet any taste, mood and design need.

Control Every Aspect of Your Canopy

Make your canopy longer, shorter or wider, make it flat or increase the bellowing, install outdoors or indoors to cover unfinished ceilings. These are only a few examples of endless possible configurations you can achieve with Infinity Canopy.

Unleash the Possibilities 

We have created a canopy with infinite possibilities. Now it’s your turn to unleash Infinity Canopy’s potential. When you do make sure you share your creation with us! 

Phone: 888-787-8020

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A Revolutionary and Unique Shade System

Custom-made canopies have their perks, however they can also become an additional source of stress. For example, to fit properly, they require precise pre-measurement, fabric and color selection, weeks of fabrication and finally installation. Once installed the custom canopies can’t be modified and any repairs (if possible) require a trip back to the shop.

Now, there is an innovative new product on the market that provides homeowners with a retractable shade system that is infinitely versatile, customizable, and adaptable. Infinity Canopy is a modular slide on wire canopy composed of individual shade panels that are connected together by a marine grade stainless steel and aluminum parts. It can be installed on pergolas or between two opposing structures. The shade panels are available in a variety of colors and made of the highest quality outdoor fabrics including Phifertex and Sunbrella that are resistant to water, fire, mold, fading and can last five-to-ten years. They can be ordered in one or multiple colors and placed in different configurations to create unique designs that are simply not possible by any other shade system for those ever-changing tastes, styles and needs.

You can lock individual panels in place, or remove panels for open space. You can also add vertical panels to either or both ends for additional shade and privacy. Unlike traditional shade products, Infinity Canopy can be modified even after it is assembled and installed. You can add or remove sections and panels to increase or decrease the width and length of the canopy, change the canopy’s color and design, replace damaged sections with replacement parts and panels, and even remove the entire canopy or the panels for cleaning and winterization, in just minutes.

Infinity Canopy was designed with the goal to make the beautiful slide-on wire canopy style available to homeowners in an infinitely versa- tile and adaptable system. If you are ready to enhance your outdoor space and get the most out of your investment, you can call Infinity Canopy at (888) 787-8020, or visit them at

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