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Custom Garage Doors in Las Vegas

About Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates

Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates was founded in 1996.

Our business specializes in custom garage doors and entry gates as well as installation and repair services.

We service Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality garage doors and service at affordable prices. We carry all models of high-quality Clopay Doors®, as well as LiftMaster® electric operators.

Let us help you design a gorgeous custom garage door or entry gate for your home and become the envy of your neighbors. The only limit is your imagination. This unique expression of your personal style is sure to increase not only the aesthetics of your home, but its equity as well.

Phone: 702-727-4550
Website www.kaisergarage.com
Address: 7020 W Warm Springs Rd Las Vegas, NV 89113
Lic. #: NV Lic #0078257 (C-3) & #0079588 (C-14C)

Custom Garage Doors in Las Vegas

Easy Access Solutions For Your Gates and Garage

Keeping your home and valuables safe and secure with a fashionable gate is a priority for many homeowners. However, while aesthetics are indeed important when it comes to a yard gate, driveway gate, or vehicle access gate, something that homeowners are finding to be even more crucial is ease of access.

In the world of high-speed Internet in which we live in, there is nothing worse than the headaches that come with slow and unreliable modem communication. Additionally, having too many remote controls for each different piece of equipment only makes things more confusing, not to mention the many other frustrating effects that come with inefficient operation. Wouldn’t it be nice to have easy access, at all times?

New technology allows you to sync both your gate and garage door with a single remote control, ultimately reducing cost and the annoyance of having multiple remotes for different applications. LiftMaster® products continue to set the pace with MyQ technology, the system that enables homeowners to connect their garage door and gate equipment to their home Internet. You can control everything from a smart phone or tablet, no matter where you are in the world.

For the developer and property manager, the new IPAC (Internet Protocol Access Control) brings access control into the Internet age by being the first IP-based telephone entry system designed specifically for digital IP-based communications.  Access control and programming through a browser simplifies the entire operation experience.

No matter what kind of gate you currently have, or even if you are in need of a brand new custom gate, Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates can help provide an efficient access solution for every need. They have been offering garage doors, gates, operators and service at affordable prices since 1995. Their experienced technicians and installers can provide you with service and solutions for years to come.

For more information, you can call them at 702-727-4550 or visit their website at www.KaiserDoor.com.  NV Lic. #0078257 C-3.

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