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no limits upholstery

About No Limits Upholstery

Jacobs Upholstery, D.B.A. No Limits Upholstery, was reopened back in 2014. Everyone working here is a family member or a friend. As soon as you walk into this establishment you are made feel comfortable, as if you have been a friend for a long time.

Our main priority is to please you at all times. If they you are unhappy with the end results, we will talk it out and find a solution.

Our morals are a basic family morality where if one member of the “family” is unhappy the whole “Family” will work to fix it. If you are unhappy, the whole working team will look for a way to fix the problem.

We have been doing upholstery for quite some time now and never have we had a single complaint about our products end result. We upholster a wide range of furniture. From customized detailing for automobiles, boats, or buses to specialized headboards…we do it all.

We have done customized chairs, booths, and sectionals for casinos, offices, and homes. We have done big jobs for casinos and hotels as well as the smaller jobs for residential purposes. We have even done customized jobs on trailers and RV’s. The way that we work is just like a big family. We work hard to get the job done the right way. Our end game is to make sure that the buyer gets the end results that they were anticipating.

Some thing that makes us unique and stand out from the rest is that we are able to make furniture from scratch. Whether it’s a big piece of furniture such as a sectional couch or as small as a kitchen table chair, we have the tools, staff and know how to get the job done in a professional and timely manner.

Creating your furniture from scratch makes it up to three times more durable than the stuff you get pre-made at large furniture store. The great thing about getting your upholstery from us is that you can mix and match fabrics, leathers, and vinyl’s and create amazing and unique creations special to you. We are located right near the Las Vegas Strip. Come on down and get to know us.

Phone:  702-904-9074
Address:  3601 Highland Drive, #13, Las Vegas

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