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Four Seasons Solar Products was founded as a green house supplier in 1975, and quickly became one of the largest manufacturers of seasonal screen enclosures, greenhouses, florida rooms and year-round sunrooms, solariums and conservatories in the world.

As a division of Latium USA, Four Seasons and sister company, Metals Building Products, offer the widest product range in the home improvement industry and have their sights set on continuing to build upon these trusted and dependable brands.  The vast line of products including sunrooms, pergolas, lattices, carports, patio covers and screen rooms, customers now have the opportunity to celebrate one of their most prized possessions, their homes, by turning their dreams into a reality with extra living space.  With vast product knowledge and certified design teams, home owners can watch their visions come to life.

Four Seasons’ sunrooms, conservatories and patio enclosures have withstood the test of time in hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial installations globally. We are committed to delivering year-round room additions of superior quality and value to our customers around the world.

Four Seasons Sunrooms’ philosophy is simple: make efficient use of high quality materials and production methods to deliver optimal product value. With our decades of experience designing, selling and installing screen rooms, sunrooms and conservatories, you can be confident that Four Seasons has the products, skills and expertise to ensure your glass room addition will perform as well in the future as it does on the day it’s built.

Phone: 702-274-4500
Lic. #: Raymond John Faber Construction Lic. # 0040652

patio enclosure

Add Incredible Value to Your Home With a Sunroom or Patio Enclosure

A new sunroom and/or patio enclosure can add tremendous benefits to your home and family, from an increased resell value to the positive psychological aspects that come with the ability to enjoy all four seasons throughout the year in a comfortable fashion. Sunrooms and enclosures give your home more usable square footage and living space which also offers an extra touch that helps to set these unique areas apart from other areas of your home.

However, with any addition to your home, proper planning combined with a detailed plan will help to ensure your final outcome for your sunroom or patio enclosure. Choosing a professional company that can closely work with you to ensure that you get the proper design that you’re looking for and one that will work for you is the key to having a successful project that will be functional year-round.

A new sunroom or patio enclosure addition can be heated and cooled just like any other room in your home. When designing a sunroom or patio enclosure, the most important components are the glass and structural framing. The use of extremely high quality glass and materials is what truly makes the difference in regards to using your sunroom or patio enclosure year-round. Inferior products are often too hot during the summer months and/or too cold during the winter months.

There is a wide variety of different types of window designs and door options to choose from. French style doors, large two, three and four panel custom sliding doors and a new line of bi-folding doors are just some of the unique features to add to your room.

For more information or a free design consultation, you can contact Four Seasons Sunrooms at 702-274-4500 or feel free to visit their company website at All installations are provided exclusively by Raymond John Faber Construction Lic. 0040652

patio enclosure

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