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About Premiere Home Entertainment

Premiere Home Entertainment is a locally owned and operated High-Performance Audio/Video store.

Since 1998, Premiere Home Entertainment has served in the Las Vegas valley providing incredible value and service to our customers. Our focus and commitment is guaranteed and delivered to every single Las Vegas home theater client we service, regardless of job size.

Our goal is to provide a valuable experience.

Unlike our competition, we don’t focus only on price; our goal is to create a valued experience, one that provides our customers with confidence and security. Premiere Home Entertainment meticulously scrutinizes our manufacturers to make sure we continuously deliver the highest level of Las Vegas home theater performance and satisfaction every single day.

At Premiere Home Entertainment, we have standardized our installs with our service-friendly approach, which provides a much more efficient process and makes it easier for the customer, which in the end, saves our customers time and money.

Expect dedication and passion from our Las Vegas home theater installations.

Over the years with our hard work and strong dedication and passion to our industry, we have positioned ourselves to be one of the leaders in Las Vegas home theater installation. We have developed and maintained strong customer relationships with some of Las Vegas’ finest residents.

Our audio/video showroom makes us unique.

Premiere Home Entertainment has a unique training facility in our showroom that provides all of our employees with the highest level of in-house industry training. This also allows us to bring in manufacturers to provide in-house training to all of our technicians.

Las Vegas’ Greatest Showroom allows our customers to experience audio/video at all different levels and at all different price-ranges. Our showroom provides a comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for all of our clients. So bring in your favorite BluRay or your favorite CD and let us show you why we are #1 in Las Vegas home theater installation!

We can talk to you all day long about how great Premiere Home Entertainment is… but until you come in and experience Premiere Home Entertainment for yourself, you will truly never understand the power of Las Vegas’ Greatest Audio/Video Store!

Mission Statement

To be known as an exceptional company, recognized for sharing our passion for great entertainment, security and convenience through today’s innovative technology. To always value our customers, our employees, and the community we call home. Which means building long-term relationships and fostering trust in who we are. We want to be a company where our employees feel validated and rewarded at seeing a customer’s expression of happiness when a project comes together. Which translates into ensuring every customer will receive the highest level of service, product value and performance for complete satisfaction in everything we do.

We will not be complacent; neither willing to become stagnant, nor afraid of being challenged by new technology and change. We will work to be innovative and flexible. To be known for our integrity, in creating piece of mind and being the team our customers can always trust and rely on.

We will be continually driven to learn and find better ways to serve our customers; to go beyond their expectations in providing exceptional experiences in entertainment, home automation and safety – and to simplify that experience by keeping it refreshingly simple and the technology easy to understand. After all, audio/video is meant to be fun.

We are determined to be different in a sea of sameness in audio/video integrators out there. We want to save the world from inferior sounding/lookingaudio/video systems. We realize every customer has different needs and priorities, so a “one-size-fits-all” approach will never be how we do business. We’ll always offer the smartest, most innovative solutions that answer each and every customer’s particular needs and wants.

Ultimately, we can say we’ve fulfilled our mission when every customer feels they have made a wise investment in something that brings them pleasure, saves time and keeps them connected to the world of entertainment.

Core Values

  • Wow every customer through our service and installations
  • Empower, energize and engage our customers and employees
  • Offer innovative ideas, attitudes and technology
  • Work creatively in a well-disciplined environment
  • Always instill and maintain accountability
  • Always be helpful
  • Remain transparent
  • Pursue growth and learning

Phone:  702-727-4577
Address:  6008 S. Fort Apache Road, Las Vegas

Premiere Hot Entertainment - home theater


With the hectic and busy lifestyles most families have, keeping up with managing your home is just another chore. Smart electronics play a central role in our daily lives and technology has made it possible to play a smarter role for your home.

Home automation is the mastermind solution, making it possible for virtually any appliance or device in your home to intelligently communicate with another such as audio/video systems, lighting, thermostats, drapes and shades, fireplaces and pool equipment to name a few! Universal remotes along with your smart devices can be programmed so you have full access and control of the systems in your home from any location.

While many homeowners might think that having their home automated is a costly and complicated project, the truth is experts can custom create a system that works for you and your family’s lifestyle, needs and budget. Some of the many features of automating your home include:

Home Theater– The key is high performance brands, not mass market brands. Whether your home theater means a cozy corner in your living room or a screening room with theater seating, you can enjoy the clearest pictures and the cleanest sound that enhances every detail of your movie experience.

Audio– Integrating an audio system in your home gives you the flexibility to manage music in multiple rooms or orchestrate whole-home audio with a slide of your finger. You can play music from multiple formats and sources, including radio, streaming music services, your iPod/mp3 player or computer. So you can enjoy 80’s rock your living room, jazz in your kitchen or hip hop in your teen’s room – all at the same time!

Lighting– Working a long day and won’t be home till after dark? With the touch of a button you can have the lights in your house automatically turn on to welcome you home. You can even program the lights to go on at sunset and off at daybreak, or replicate your normal pattern when you are out of town or on vacation.

Energy-Efficiency– Dimmers and lighting control systems let you use just the right amount of light, reducing electricity usage and extending bulb life. Shading control helps optimize daylight, reducing heating and cooling costs. You can monitor and manage your home’s energy consumption on touch screens or remotely.

Security– Peace of mind goes a long way making it easy for you to enhance the safety and security of your home. You can arm your security system or see who’s at your front door from your laptop or smart device.

Additional features– Set the Jacuzzi to the right temperature from your laptop or smart device before you leave work to have it ready when you come home, or how about programming your sprinklers to come on at a certain time while you are on vacation? The possibilities are endless!

For more information on how to custom automate your home to your lifestyle, you can contact Premiere Audio Video Integration at 702-727-4577 or visit their showroom at 6008 S. Fort Apache in Las Vegas. . In business for 17 years, they offer free consultations. You can visit their website at Lic # 0052643/1002129713

Premiere Hot Entertainment - home theater

Premiere Hot Entertainment - home theater

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