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Rod Works prides itself on offering a vast selection of unique iron works and home décor. We started in 1996 to provide an alternative for Home Décor found in the big chain stores. Always looking for the newest ideas in décor, our designers and buyers are always leading us with their vision. Many of our products are exclusive to Rod Works. We offer design you won’t find anywhere else. Our large inventory of high quality pieces inspires and helps you to redecorate or update your look.

Our associates can help you find just the right piece for your home. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for decorating is evident in the designs and displays in each store. Each associate has extensive experience with all of our products.

Rod Works Product Quality and Design

It would surprise many of our customers to learn that all of our products are handmade from start to finish, regardless of what type of item it might be. Every intricate curl in our iron decor is hammered out and hand finished. It is this attention to detail and craftsmanship that makes our products unique and different. Each item has a uniquely distinctive finish. Our products are made to look antique and worn making the finishes imperfect. Most of our custom iron decor is protected, using a durable, high quality primer and powder coating process.

3 Step Protection Process:
1. Primer Coat
The items are first treated with a primer coat that helps inhibit rusting and adhere the other painting processes.

2. Powder Coat
Powder coating is a special thermoplastic layer that bonds to the metal and creates a durable long lasting protection from rust that is tougher than conventional paint.

3. Paint Coat
Items are often painted with several coats of paint to give each piece a rich and artistic look. Creating our unique color finishes may take up to 7 layers of paint. All items are hand painted and custom finished.

Rod Works offers unique products, affordable pricing and specialized customer service making decorating a whole new experience.

Rod Works Las Vegas Address: 10470 W. Cheyenne Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada – 702-433-8500
Rod Works Henderson Address: 9302 S. Eastern Ave. Henderson, Nevada – 702-270-2291

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