Select Services: Be selective when it comes to taking care of your property in Las Vegas

select services


Select Services has over 25 years of professional experience. We safely terminate pests, care for plants, and care for trees. Services are high quality, professional, and time efficient. Our services will exceed your needs as a property owner. Whether you need care for your residential property or commercial property, we will help. Experts improve the health and beauty of your property. We serve any property in Clark County, Southern Nevada.  We also offer services in Nye County. We are commonly asked about Select Services serving Anthem, Summerlin, Lake Las Vegas, or other areas within the Las Vegas Metro. We will serve any part of the Las Vegas Metro. We also provide services for the surrounding area.

Phone: 702-479-3019 or 702-566-BUGS

select services

Be selective when it comes to taking care of your property in Las Vegas. Choose Select Services!

Select Services is a joint venture that specializes in pest control, plant health care, and tree care. With well over 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that our services will exceed your needs as a property owner. Our fully licensed experts will improve the health and beauty of your property with not only, high-quality service and professionalism, but also in a timely manner. We make sure your home is pest free and an enjoyable for everyone.

With Fall around the corner, many people believe that preventative measures such as pest control aren’t entirely needed, however, that’s not the case. Why, you ask? Imagine for a moment that you’re in the shoes of a pest. The same way that you enjoy being inside your cozy home during the cold autumn and winter nights, several pests that roam in nature enjoy it as well. During the colder months, water, food, and shelter become scarce for them. They seek food and shelter inside our homes. With that being said, let’s talk a little about the type of pests we are looking for during this time of year.

Pests that live inside the walls of your home are not affected by the cold temperatures outdoors.

Earwigs, cockroaches, termites, carpenter ants, to name a few; can live among you due to the pleasant temperature inside! Insects like wasps and spiders harborage inside attics to escape the cold. In October you’ll see an increase in spiders including, but not limited to, black widows. If left untreated, spider webs and egg cases can accumulate and create even more pest problems when they try to re-infest your home.

Granted, Las Vegas doesn’t get too cold during the winter. In October and continuing through January pests such as rodents, mice, and roof rats make their way into our homes. Sealing up potential entry points outside and keeping exterior rodent control stations are enough to keep mice and rats out of your home. Rodents can be resilient during this time, thereby; placing a secured rodent station with bait in obscure areas of your home can prove very beneficial to keeping your home pest free.  

We know how precious your home and your family are. We would love to help take care of all your pest control, plant health care and tree services. Let our family take care of yours. We offer free estimates and inspections that will leave you with a comprehensive integrated management plan. Let’s not forget that we are the only company in town to hold all seven licenses in pest control. For more information or to inquire about our services visit our website at  www.SelectServices.Vegas or Call us at 702-566-2847 to schedule your free estimate.

select services

select services

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