Total Home Solutions

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About Total Home Solutions

Total Home Solutions is selling and installing commercial and residential A/V products and components. We design, build and install home theaters, home entertainment centers, multi-room audio systems, HD video distribution systems, wired and wireless light control – small appliance control – daylight control – temperature control solutions, battery powered – wire free – remote controlled shades and drapes, access control, smart homes, surveillance and security state-of-the-art solutions.

We are specialized in troubleshooting and solving interferences in wireless networks and cellular networks, also in boosting and improving their signal quality.

Total Home Solutions provides quality brand name components at competitive prices.

Total Home Solutions is a trusted name that has built a reputation by surpassing the expectations of elite customers around the country.

Get in touch with us at anytime by calling us at (702) 875-5561 or email us at

Phone: 702-875-5561
Lic# 0071760

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